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7 Steps to Make Any Guy Fall for You - Step 1


Something often explained is the scientific process that occurs in our brain when we fall in love with someone, but what is yet to be explained is why we fall in love with the people we do. Looking over my past (extensive) dating history, I can remember those men that I instantly fell head over heels for and those that I didn’t feel a thing for – it all of course comes down to that enigmatic thing we call “chemistry”. At the time I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt such a strong connection with certain guys, who I perhaps didn’t find physically attractive at first glance, whereas with the guys who did fit my ‘type’ physically, I felt little to no chemistry. Of course personality is the key component to chemistry, but (nearly) all of the men I have dated have been intelligent, polite, charming and funny. It is then that I realised that perhaps there are key ingredients outside of personality traits that help to create this so-called ‘chemistry’, and as long as we know these ingredients, us women can use this to our advantage, to make him feel chemistry for, and in turn fall for, us. Our love life just got a whole lot easier.

1. Love Thyself

The key to attracting the opposite sex is confidence. There is no bigger turn-off than a woman who is insecure, so if you want to become a boy-magnet, it is absolutely essential that you work to get rid of those insecurities and learn to truly love yourself. Many of us try to feign confidence if we don’t already have it, but genuine confidence will get you much further with men (and for your own peace of mind).

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A good way to think of it is like selling a product. Nobody will buy your product unless you yourself believe in it; if you truly believe in the brand, it will come across as you sell it, and more people will want to buy it. Likewise, the more belief you have in yourself, the more people will want you. Simple as that.

I’m a firm believer that you can never have too much confidence – and regardless of what others say, confidence should not have to translate as arrogance (in fact, the most arrogant people are usually those with the least confidence). If you truly like yourself, every guy you meet will be thinking: «Wow she obviously likes herself, so I’ll probably like her too – because there’s obviously something worth liking, and I want to see what it is!» Men find confidence in a woman intriguing.

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